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Don't miss your chance to win a $100 gift card to Dirt Cheap, just in time for Thanksgiving! The #1 Hit Music Station Mix 96.5 is here to help you win! We have all the answers to the "Wine" trivia questions you could be asked! Check out our cheat sheet, don't miss out on your chance to win!

1.)    What white wine would I choose to drink while eating seafood?   Chardonnay, sauv blanc, chenin blanc

2.)    What is the one wine that can be paired with most foods? Chardonnay

3.)    What wine would you drink with spicy foods? Zinfandel, chenin blanc, and shiraz

4.)    Eating pasta with a red sauce would you drink moscato, pinot grigio, or a malbec? Malbec

5.)    Beef its whats for dinner you drink what wine?  Cab, merlot, chianti, pinot noir, shiraz, or zinfandel

6.)    If eating a turkey turkey dinner what wine would you bring to the table? Chardonnay, sauv blanc, chenin blanc, pinot grigio, or white zinfandel

7.)    Pullout your favorite mild cheese for what wine? Sauv blanc, chenin blanc, chardonnay

8.)    After dinner treat eating grandmas pie what wine would you drink?  Moscato, ports, typically sweet wines

9.)    What is a good salad wine?  Sauv blanc, white zin, sparklings, pinot grigio

10.)  With ham you would drink what wine? rieslings

11.)  What wine goes with bbq? Zinfandel

12.) What wine goes with duck? Riesling

13.) What wine goes with dried fruits and strawberries? Pinot noir

14.) What is the number 1 key to wine pairing? Trust your own palate.

15.) When choosing a desert wine what should you make sure?  That the wine is sweeter than the desert.

16.) When eating dark chocolate what is the best wine to pair with? Merlot

17.) What is one food that is almost impossible to pair with wine? Horse raddish, spinach, yogurt, chili

18.) Bitting into that green apple you would wash it down with what? sauv blanc

19.) Cook up some mushrooms or sausage you would drink what? pinot noir

20.) What is the best wine to drink with pumpkin pie? Sherry, muscat, Madeira, gewürztraminer, tawny port

Now you have all the answers! Good Luck!

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