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  • Amy Poehler Confirms 2015 Will Be The Last Time She & Tina Fey Host The Golden Globes! Nooooooo!

    Man, now Neil Patrick Harris is gonna have to go on hosting OVERDRIVE! The 2015 Golden Globes will be the last time Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting the show! NOOOOOOOOOOO!! But they're so funny together! And beautiful and AH-MAZING and we enjoy the awards so much more with them as hosts! [ Photos: The Best Celebrity [...]

  • Taylor Swift Does Something AMAZING For New York! The Singer Will Donate All Of Welcome To New York's Proceeds To This Fine Cause!

    What an incredible gesture! On Wednesday, Taylor Swift announced her plans to honor her new city of New York in a totally AMAZING way! [ Watch: Taylor Dons Sparkly Shorts To Perform Welcome To New York! ] Queen Tay has revealed that the proceeds of her love letter to the Big Apple, Welcome To New York, will be [...]

  • Did You Miss The American Horror Story Halloween Episode??Here's Got A Recap For You — In GIFs!!!

    ***CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THIS WEEK'S AMERICAN HORROR STORY! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!*** Did this episode of American Horror Story feel more like a season finale to anyone else? Episode four of this year's Freak Show served as the conclusion to last week's Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley) cliffhanger, and it didn't totally disappoint. We knew that one of the freaks [...]

  • Will Cameras Be Filming Teresa Giudice Days Before Jail??! GET YOUR ANSWERS HERE!

    It's the question we've all been asking! Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in the slammer, but will the Bravo family keep the cameras rolling to document the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star's days leading up to the scary experience??! Sources spill that Teresa is totally "open" to the idea! …for the "right amount of money," [...]

  • You Won't BELIEVE How Many Sequels Some Of These Scary Movies Have! Oh, The Horror!!

    We love our horror movies. But when it comes to too many sequels, they are the WORST offenders! With the exception of James Bond, horror flicks have more installments than just about any other franchise! And they rarely get better with age! [ Photos: Here Are The 31 Best Scary Movies You Can Watch Right Now! ] Here [...]

  • Listen To This: She's Just A Black Widow, Baby!

    Diane Warren has done it again! The legendary hitmaker just wrote an awesome smash for Beyoncé! Well, technically she wrote it for the new Halle Berry movie Beyond The Lights, and Beyoncé must have been busy. Cuz, you know, she's Beyoncé and all. So, thankfully, Miss Black Widow Rita Ora stepped in and lent her vocals to [...]

  • What If Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn Starred In Every Horror Movie?

    Prepare to laugh! [ Photos: Cutest Celebrity Bromances Of All Time! ] Ever think to yourself, "hey, wouldn't be AH-Mazing if Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starred in every horror film?" Of COURSE you have. Well, then, this video is for you! In this parody video that features two very talented impressionists you definitely get the feeling that Vince [...]

  • The Reason Behind Emma Watson's Feminism Advocacy Will Make You Love Her EVEN MORE!

    Emma Watson beauty, talent, and intelligence never cease to AH-maze us. The A-lister left her glamorous red carpet look at home to deliver a phenomenal speech about equality among the sexes at the UN and she won't quit. So, of course, she used her interview with Elle UK to continue to talk about her undying passion. [ Related: [...]

  • Ingrid Michaelson Helps Fans Face Their Fears In A Beautiful New Music Video For Afterlife!

    Ready for the feel good music video you need today?! [ Photos: Celebs Who've Penned Songs About Their Exes! ] Well, thankfully for you, Ingrid Michaelson's music video for Afterlife is all about her fans facing their fears! SRSLY! It is such an inspiration! It'll totally make you realize that things you might be afraid of, might not [...]

  • Jennifer Lopez Says That A Panic Attack Led To Her Divorce From Marc Anthony

    Inneresting… Jennifer Lopez is entering one of the few entertainment industries she doesn't have a hand in with her new book, True Love. In it, J.Lo opens up about her relationships with Ojani Noa, Chris Judd, Ben Affleck, and most recently, Marc Anthony. Jennifer was skeptical about including such intimate details of her life, but ultimately decided to [...]

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