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  • ​Robert Pattinson Gets Handsy With FKA Twigs' Backside!

    He can't resist dat ass! Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA Twigs have been adorably going strong, and they're not afraid to hide it! After lunching together on Friday in Los Angeles, the casual couple left the eatery, and Mr. Pattinson was feeling frisky! [ Photos: Best Celebrity Butt Grabs! ] He kept his hand right on his lady's [...]

  • ​Law & Order Actress Michelle Hurd Says Bill Cosby Inappropriately Touched Her & Tried To Take Her To His House!

    Wow! It seems like there are new victims coming forward daily! Bill Cosby has been surrounded by reports that he raped and sexually molested a number of women that is growing by the day. And Law & Order's Michelle Hurd makes number 18. [ Related: New Woman Claims Bill Cosby Gave Her Quaaludes & She Woke Up Naked [...]

  • Beloved Father Is Given A Terrific & Hilarious Obituary By His Adoring Family!

    This was no ordinary obituary! It was an extraordinary one! "Charles "Charlie" Clark Wheeler, 60, of Weare, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, and ate his last pretzel on November 16, 2014." That's how the obituary for Charlie Wheeler began - a surprising and funny way to start in a forum usually reserved for somber tones and [...]

  • Natalie Dormer Thinks There Needs To Be More Full-Frontal Male Nudity In Game Of Thrones!

    We agree! Game of Thrones doesn't shy away from nudity, especially when it comes to their female actors, but what about the guys?! [ Related: Natalie Dormer Makes The Most Out Of Her First Los Angeles Hunger Games Premiere! ] Natalie Dormer, aka Margaery Tyrell, recently talked about the comparative lack of male dingleberries in the show, saying: "Well, [...]

  • EXCLUSIVE! Tired Of All The Haters? Let Kenya Moore Teach You How To Twirl Them Out Of Your Life!

    She just gives us life. Kenya Moore stopped by our offices to give us an exclusive twirl-torial on how to block haters and look good doin' it! The Real Housewife has so many methods of letting people know that she's done with them, that we thought it'd be helpful to breakdown exactly how one twirls. Kenya says that [...]

  • Man's Chronic Headaches For Four Years Were Caused By A Tapeworm Living In His Brain!

    Cue the squirms! A 50-year-old man has been suffering from headaches for the last four years, and doctors didn't know why, until now. Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute scientists finally figured out that it was because a four-inch-long tapeworm was wiggling around inside his brain! In addition to headaches, the man had memory flashbacks, complex seizures, and pain on [...]

  • Bill Cosby's Eighth Victim Continues To Speak Out About The Comedian's Sexual Assault

    The eighth victim to come forward about Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse, Angela Leslie, is continuing to speak out, and she's not stopping until she gets what she wants. The actress previously talked about what she suffered at the hands of the comedian, and now she's revealing what she hopes to get out of her truthfulness. [ [...]

  • ​EXCLUSIVE! Fifth Harmony Premieres A Teaser For Their Upcoming Sledgehammer Video!

    We love it! From the moment we heard Fifth Harmony perform their new song Sledgehammer, we knew the video was going to be amazeballs! And it is! [ Related: Fifth Harmony Performs Sledgehammer For The First Time On TV & They Knocked It Out Of The Park! ] We have an exclusive sneak peek at the video, with the [...]

  • Underage Kylie Jenner Is Listening To Her Family & Dumping Rapper Tyga

    Thank goodness! Rapper Tyga is rumored to have been dating underage Kylie Jenner, but it seems like a crisis has been averted. Tyga recently moved his 25th birthday celebration venue because Kylie wasn't going to be let into the club Greystone Manor, but even after that, she didn't show up! [ Related: Kim Kardashian Disapproves Of Kylie Jenner [...]

  • ​Big Sean Shares A Smoochy Snap With Sweetie Ariana Grande!

    This is red hot! Big Sean and Ariana Grande are so freaking adorable together, and it's only confirmed every time we see a pic of them. Like this one that the rapper posted on Saturday morning! [ Related: Ariana Grande & Big Sean Can't Stop Touching Each Other While Performing At A Very GRAMMY Christmas! ] Since they're all [...]

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